How To Tan Faster In The Sun, Safely

How To Tan Faster In The Sun, Safely

With these natural tricks, you will know how to tan faster in the sun and in a short time you can get a bronzed, golden and shiny skin.
The time of year has come to spend time outside in the open air, long days with many more hours of sun and good weather that fill you with energy, and, why not, that tanned skin tone that gives you the best tan.

Why do we tan?

Before showing you how you should get a quick tan, you should know how our skin and it’s color work, so you will better understand the tricks we have for you.

The color of your skin is genetically predetermined and is stored in the form of pigments, which are called melanin, inside cells of the dermis that we call melanocytes. It is melanin that provides the color of your skin and that which protects you from the effects of UV rays, such as burns, aging, and loss of elasticity.

Now, when you expose your skin to the sun, a greater amount of melanin is produced in order to protect you from its harmful effects. By having a greater amount of melanin, your skin begins to take that tanned color that you like so much.

But beware, this explanation of the process in which your skin tans does not mean that you simply have to expose yourselves to the sun; As we have told you, melanin is increased in an attempt to protect yourself from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays. That’s why you have to follow these tips to get a quick tan, without getting burned and damaging your skin.

How To Tan Faster In The Sun?

How to get a quick tan, the answer is not to lie in the sun for several hours in a day; There are many things you need to do before, while we sunbathe and later you get a tan color and you do not burn yourself, and so that you can achieve this color quickly and in the last.

Specifically, what you should do before sunbathing to stimulate melanin, which will help you to naturally tone your skin health without endangering it. Here are the tips.

1. Stimulate Your Melanin Production

The secret to tanning quickly is an increase in melanin production, but it is a natural process and this does not happen overnight. So the best part is that you should start to stimulate melanin production before coming in contact with the beach and sun during your summer days.

The best way to stimulate melanin production is to prefer “pro-tan” food items. These are foods that provide carotene and beta-carotene to stimulate the production of melanin, And Vitamin C and E prevent aging from premature aging and protects you from the action of free radicals. It turns out to be consuming many fruits and vegetables in the form of salad or smoothies.

Some examples of food items that naturally help you to tan for the content of carotene and beta-carotene content are a carrot, tomatoes, squash, broccoli, and Swiss chard. For Vitamin E, you should include avocado, vegetable oil, olive oil and whole grains on your plate.

Finally, fruits such as orange, papaya, mango, strawberries, blueberries, watermelons and in general, those that are red or orange. You will see that with these foods you will not only have found a way to get a quick tan, but you will also be careful of your figure.

2. Sunbathe

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Many of us believe that to tan quickly you simply have to lie in the sun for many hours and with as little sun protection as possible, but this is totally false. So the only thing you will achieve, besides massively damaging your skin, is to stay red like a shrimp.

The first thing you should do is be aware of the natural color of your feet. If you are very white then you have to save yourself from the sun and the tanning process will take more time, but you will get a tan as if you were always on the beach. Of course, if you use protection and follow our advice.

Now, yes you have to use solar factor and at least 10. It is more than proven that the sun’s rays have become increasingly dangerous for us, but also the solar factor also helps to tan naturally and not burn and stay red. You can decide on the texture that you like most (oil, cream, spray) as long as you have the right solar factor.

3. Exfoliate Your Skin

By exploring your skin 1 or 2 times a week, you get rid of dead skin cells. This is very important because, in this way when you are tan, you will do it on living cells and not on dead cells, which will fall rapidly and your body tan with them. If you want your tan to last, then you should exfoliate your body with natural recipes or exfoliating cream purchased.

4. Lie On The Beach

Ideally, the first 2-3 days of contact with the sun, simply expose yourself for 20 minutes, because this way you give the time to the melanin to reach the outer layers of the skin and you can achieve tanning quickly with golden color.

Avoid keeping yourself in the sun between 12 noon and 3 pm, because at this time UVA rays are more dangerous. The rest of the time you can pass it to the sun, but repeating the application of your solar factor adequately and constantly changing its position. So that the golden color of your tanning should not be alone in the middle of your body.

Make sure you drink plenty of water and stay hydrated while you are in the sun, as well as in later times.

5. Hydrate Yourself

Before putting yourself in the sun, you also need to hydrate your skin well so that the cells work properly. Make sure you take 2 liters of water in your day and put moisturizing cream or moisturizing oils every day, morning and night.

6. After Sunbathing

At the end of the day of the sun, your skin is vulnerable, so you should hydrate immediately. An after sun with aloe vera is ideal to re deeply hydrate and decongest your skin; It also gives you a very refreshing feeling.

Then, when you return home after a bath, then hydrate again with creams or oils that provide the necessary nutrients so that your skin remains healthy and the tan lasts longer.

7. Try Olive Oil And Lemons

There are also some home remedies to get more Tan. One of them contains mixing a bit of olive oil and two lemons, the oil will moisturize your skin and lemon acid will change the tone of your skin. To get this homemade tan, you have to mix both the ingredients and apply it on your skin before exposing yourself in the sun; Keep in mind that this is a very effective way, so you should take 15 minutes to get in touch with the sun.

8. Tan Faster With Carrots And Coconut Oil

Another natural sun cream is obtained by mixing carrots and coconut oil. You have to mix carrot juice with some coconut oil until you get a homogeneous paste, apply it on your skin and you will get a golden and precious tone.

9. Get Dark Without Sunbathing

If you want to become dark without sunbathing, then you should know that, at present, there are different self-tanning products that manage to change the tone of your skin to more tan and golden. In this sense, there are tanning towels which work to increase the tone of your body, but if you want that part of the face which is more brown, then it is recommended that you use bronzing powder because this Keeps in mind the specific needs of the face.

10. Solar Bed

The solar bed is a dome with special light tubes that radiates your body and skin is taking color. It is advisable to consult a dermatologist or skin doctor before taking this type of sunbathing season, because there may be serious damage depending on your skin type. It is good that you stay hydrated before going into a session of the solar bed because they are long and warm, although now there are some such that offer air conditioning and refreshments in the meantime. As well as consult what creams they recommend to use to improve results, color, and tan.

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