18 Home Remedies To Get Rid Of House Flies

18 Home Remedies To Get Rid Of House Flies

Here you will find some amazing and effective home remedies to get rid of house flies.

Flies are very unpleasant insects that can cause various types of diseases, for example, they are in contact with the food we eat. We can find them almost everywhere in the world, except for the extreme altitude sites.

Fortunately, there are many natural tricks that can help you eliminate the annoying house flies entering your house. In this article, we share many home remedies to kill and eliminate them without resorting to commercial poisons that are full of toxic substances.

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of House Flies:

1. Get Rid Of House Flies With Vinegar

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Vinegar contains acetic acid, which is an active ingredient when you spraying it on insects, it slows their speed and makes easy to reach them. We will combine it with other ingredients to make your work more effective.


  • Water.
  • 4 tablespoons apple cider vinegar.
  • 1 spoonful liquid soap.
  • 1 plastic bottle.
  • Scissor.
  • Transparent.

What should you do?

  • First, you have to cut the neck of a bottle. Then, insert the neck or pick that you just cut into the cut bottle, as if it were a funnel.
  • Stick it with tape and fill the container with water to the fifth part.
  • Pour liquid soap into the vinegar and shake it well.

You can place this trap in an area of ​​your house where flies bother a lot. There they will fall, attracted by the vinegar and they will not be able to leave.

2. Blow Flies From The Clove

With the help of cloves and apple, you can easily drive them away from your dinner table at the time of your dinner. Because the smell of cloves bothers the flies and along with is also ideal for scenting your house.


  • 20 to 30 cloves.
  • 1 apple.

What should you do?

  • You just need to poke some cloves into the apple.
  • Place it in the center of the dining table.
  • You can also place it in a key place where you want to scare the flies.

3. Transparent Bag With Water

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Transparent water bags naturally help to repel flies. For this, you should put water in transparent plastic bags, so that you fill three-fourths of the bag. Make a knot so that the water does not spread, and then keep them near the house, windows, and doors.

This natural trick is very good because the water in the bag causes sunlight to refract and form prisms. It is this optical effect of the prisms of light that repel the flies.

4. Lavender Home Remedy To Get Rid Of House Flies

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The smell of lavender works as a natural repellent against many insects, and the flies are one of them. Flies hate the smell of essential oils, in particular, lavender. Lavender oil has been used in the form of prevention of insects away from the centuries.


  • A little water cup.
  • 1 sponge.
  • 1 plate.
  • 2 tablespoons water.
  • 1 tablespoon lavender oil.

What should you do?

  • Pour water in a cup and heat it until it boils.
  • Then place a sponge on a plate.
  • Pour lavender oil and boiling water on s sponge.
  • Wait until it absorbs all the liquid and then rub the windows, the frame of the door and all the belongings areas where these ugly animals usually land.
  • You can repeat the procedure as often as you want, wet the sponge with boiling water every day and replenishing the oil once a week.

5. Use Basil And Other Herbs Plant To Get Rid Of Flies

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There are some strong-smelling plants, which the house flies don’t like it. The most common among them is basil which is good news for you because it is not only easy to get in stores, but it also has antibacterial and anti-viral properties that create a healthy environment for your home.

What should you do?

  • Just keep your basil plant anywhere in the house, near any open window to stop flies. Other plants that dislike the flies are lavender, mint, sharp leaves, tansy, and wormwood.

6. Citrus Fruits And Cloves

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The combination of citrus fruit and cloves is also a great way to get rid of them.


  • Citrus fruits ( lemon or orange )
  • 10 to 15 cloves.

What should you do?

  • Insert 10-15 cloves into the fruit.
  • You can leave the fruit as a whole or cut the fruit in half to allow more aroma of citrus in the air that gives good warning to the flies.
  • Place around the house or hang them around the windows with a string or ribbon.

7. Camphor

Camphor is another natural way to get rid of flies and it can be bought online or from any homeopathic store. It has a very strong smell which helps the flies to get out of your house. Like basil, it has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, as well as helps prevent other pests.

What should you do?

  • Buy it in blocks or tablets.
  • Put it in a heated surface, hot plate or a heat diffuser.
  • Place it under windows so that the aroma can be spread out and inside.

8. DIY Flies Strips

Fly strip is a very easy and famous way of catching house flies. However, you can easily buy it in shops or make it at home easily.


  • Brown paper or card.
  • 1/4 cup of golden syrup.
  • 1/4 cup sugar.
  • A bowl.

What should you do?

  • Pour golden syrup and sugar into a bowl and mix thoroughly.
  • Make a hole in the top of the strips and creating a loop to hang them.
  • Paint the mixture on the strips.
  • And wait until it dry.
  • Hang these strips where house flies usually land.

9. Scare Your House Flies With Honey And Corn Flour

This is another effective way to naturally scare the flies and thus you prevents them from approaching their food and meal. To prepare this, you must make a mixture of honey or maple syrup with corn flour.


  • Small container.
  • An equal amount of honey and corn flour, as much as needed.

What should you do?

  • Mix both the ingredients well.
  • And pour into a small container.
  • Place a container on several places in your home.
  • Due to its sweetness, it attracts flies as well as other insects, but there they will be trapped.

10. Onion House Remedies For Flies

This is one of the oldest and most useful home remedies available. It may sound strange, but rubbing the onion juice in the door and window frame helps prevent the access of these insects to your house. If you do not get this juice in the store, you can make it yourself. Grind onion and take out the juice and then spread it with the help of a brush.

11. Eucalyptus Oil

how to get rid of house flies 11

Apply this oil directly on your skin, this oil has a powerful repellent that helps keep flies away from you. You can also mix it with your shampoo and your moisturizer so that its dissuasive effect can be effective over time.

Another possibility, in addition to spraying your oil for your skin and other surrounding surfaces to create aromatic obstacles, is that you should decorate your home with eucalyptus leaves and spread their vapor alone.

12. Clean Your House

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Finally, we consider that the hygiene of all the spaces of the home is essential to keep the flies away. It is very important to do a general cleaning of the whole house and try to remove frequently all the waste that can attract them. Also, use a trash bucket that has a lid to prevent odors attract flies.

When you have finished cleaning your house, wet a cloth with vinegar and pass it through the areas where the flies usually sit. For example, window frames, doors, etc.

The smell of vinegar will repel flies and will help keep everything clean. Another option is, to pour vinegar in a spray bottle and spray this often in many areas of your house.

13. Vodka

If you are surrounded by flies, do not worry, put a little vodka on certain parts of the body such as wrists and ankles. Supposedly that will scare them away because they can not stand the smell of this alcoholic beverage. Remember also, if you want these insects have not come into your home, you will have to clean garbage in your home or containers, in which water is stagnant.

14. Get Rid Of Flies With White Vinegar

Another option is to eliminate the flies with home remedies, using white vinegar. This ingredient contains acetic acid, a component that is sprayed on insects, slows down their movements and makes it easy to reach them. You only need:

  • 1/2 glass of water.
  • 1/2 glass of white vinegar.
  • 1 flyswatter.
  • Spray bottle.

To make this home remedy, you only need to mix water and vinegar in a spray bottle. Shake the mixture well so that two components are fully integrated and work to eliminate the flies.

The procedure is simple: when you see a fly flying near you and bother you, sprinkle this mixture and you will slow down fly movements; In this way, it will be easier for you to contact Fly Swatter and kill the insect.

15. Fresh Orange Peel

Like vodka and citrus fruits, the smell of orange peels also helps to get rid of flies. Keep the orange peel in many places in a house, it may look unhealthy and unhygienic.

So fold them in a muslin cloth and hang around. It will also spread a nice fragrance in the house. To keep the odor alive, crush the peeled at a time.

16. Cucumber Slices

cucumber slices

As we all know cucumber is very beneficial for health and skin, but it contains cucurbitacins due to which cucumber used to make pesticides.

So, indirectly cucumber is also another home remedy to get rid of house flies. You only need to do this, Take cucumber, cut it in some slices and put the slices on the gate, window to restrict the entry of flies. Place some slices in a garbage container to.

17. Malt Vinegar

Like white vinegar and apple cider vinegar, malt vinegar smell is also bother house flies which makes it an amazing home remedy to get rid of house flies. Boil the malt vinegar, because when it is boiled it releases a pungent odor that is dispersed by flies, which makes it an effective fly repellent. Pour the warm malt vinegar in a bowl and place it in the infected areas.

18. Try Hair Spray

hair spray

To make hair spray and insect repellents, the aerosol has been used which makes it a great fly repellent. When you sprayed hair spray on flies, their wings become sticky and no longer function properly. The movements of flies become slow so that you can easily catch them, kill them, and throw out.

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