Crossfit Chest Workouts To Build Bigger And Attractive Chest

Crossfit Chest Workouts To Build Bigger And Attractive Chest

Most people who go to the gym, their first goal is to build a big and attractive chest. These Crossfit chest workouts who given below not only helps to build bigger and attractive chest. It helps to build your shoulder, triceps and as well as back muscles.

Crossfit Chest Workouts

1. Push-ups

This bodyweight exercise enhances your strength and along with the chest, it also helps in building muscles of your shoulders and arms. You can start crossfit chest workouts with a push-up. Because push up is the best pre-workout exercise, it improves your bench pressing strength. And the best part of this exercise is that you can do it anywhere. You can see in the video above how to do a push-up properly.

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2. Flat Bench Press With Bar

This is one of the fundamental exercises that you should do. It strengthens your chest and upper body. The primary body muscles working in this exercise are Triceps Brachii, Pectoralis, Traps, and back also work as a secondary muscle.

To do this:

  • Lie down on the bench.
  • Bend your knees in 90 degrees and flat the feet on the floor.
  • Hold the bar with the palms and keep the hands slightly away from the shoulder.

Avoid these mistakes:

  • Always remember that do not stop the movement at the lowest level.
  • As the bar comes near the chest, your chest muscles are in stress and elastic energy is formed, which is used to push the weight back up. If you stop at that stage, then you will destroy that energy and you will have to use more force again to lift the weight.
  • And do not bounce the bar against your chest to take advantage of inertia, because it can be dangerous.

3. Dumbbell Flat Bench Press

This exercise is also basic, and it exactly the same as the barbell bench press but with dumbbells, which allow you a greater range of movement and even recruit more muscle fibers in the chest. When you pull-up the dumbbells this exercise enhances the contraction force of the internal part of the pectorals, on the contrary, keeping them separated implies greater stress on the shoulders and the outer parts of the pectorals. ( Pectorals muscles connect the front of the human chest with the bones of the upper arm and shoulder.)

To do this:

  • First, Lie down on the bench.
  • Take a dumbbell in both hands, always take as much weight as you can lift up.
  • Then bring both hands down and then move up.
  • Always do this movement gradually.
  • Try to focus on chest muscle and make a mind-muscle connection.
  • You can also see the video above for more information.

Avoid these mistakes:

  • While doing exercise, do not take your hands too much down it can damage your shoulders.
  • Similarly, while raising the dumbbell, do not take the jerk off, it damages your pectoral muscles.

4. Cross Over Pulley

The best advantage of cross over pulley is that you don’t need a bench to perform this exercise. Because of which your shoulder blades – scapula are free to move naturally. The main muscle of the shoulder is on the edges of the chest and wraps around the back of the shoulder blade. Which is called the serratus anterior, and it is the foundation of the shoulder.

Another advantage of Cross Over Pulley is that you have the ability to keep your body in a different position. That can allow your shoulders to find a more comfortable position. Because of which you will be able to do this exercise easily. And different angels of this exercise emphasize the different areas of the pectoralis major.

5. Low Cable Cross Over

6. Incline Dumbbell Fly

This exercise targets all areas of pecs and most importantly, sternal fibers that directly attach to your sternum. This particular area creates the chest separation look. This exercise is better than flat bench presses to stimulate the spectrum of chest fibres. And the benches at any gym fill up quickly, then it becomes a better option for you.

To do this:

  • First, adjust the bench with an inclination between 30 and 45 degrees. This exercise will increase the participation of deltoids.
  • Then lie down on the bench.
  • Hold the dumbbells directly above your chest.
  • Then open both hands slowly, as far as comfortable.
  • Use pectoral muscles to bring hands up again.

Avoid these mistakes:

  • Do not tilt your back while doing this exercise.
  • Do not keep the hands completely straight, bend your hand slightly from the elbow.
  • Avoid overweight, it can damage your shoulder.
  • While doing this exercise, do not take your hands too much down, it can be dangerous for your shoulder muscles.

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