8 Benefits Of Pull Ups And How To Do It Properly

8 Benefits Of Pull Ups And How To Do It Properly

Pull-ups is one of the common and popular exercises. It is an amazing exercise to strengthen the back, shoulders, chest, and arms, improve posture and to develop grip strength. It helps to enhance strength in the core and ideal form of functional movement, that can help to reduce your risk of injury and falls while helping you maintain independence as you get older.

You do not need too much equipment to do this exercise (except for the pullup bar) and you can customize it at your current skill and fitness level. Check out the benefits of pull-ups and how to do it properly.

How To Do Pull-ups Properly

Before trying to pull-up, make sure you know the form properly, as shown in the video above.

Benefits of pull-ups

1. It Helps To Develop Muscle In The Back

benefits of pull ups 1

Whenever we adopt a new fitness program, we do this with the intention of building muscle and developing an attractive body. And pull-ups are the most effective way to build a strong and muscular back. The most advantage of the pull-up is that it does not require the equipment to do it. So you can essentially do this anywhere, where you get the place to hang.

2. It Enhances Your Grip Strength

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Grip strength is very useful for our day to day life. Such as picking up some heavy luggage, climbing on the hills, doing weight lifting in the gym, and many such sports that require grip strength, and pull-ups are a great way to enhance grip strength. When you pull-up, all your body weight is on your hands and fingers. Because of which your hands and fingers muscles are pressurized, that make it is strong. It works as a better grip power training than any other exercise.

3. Prepare Your Body For Intense Workout

Pull-ups are known to increase the upper body strength and as you have been read above, this also increases the grip strength, so it is very good to do before doing intense exercise, as a warm-up. This exercise activates your muscles and it is a great way to prepare your body to bear intense stress for a heavy workout so that you can avoid any kind of injury. Such as hill climbing, heavy weight lifting, and workout in the gym, some other extreme sports like martial arts.

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4. Intensity

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One of the best benefits of pull-ups is, it enhances your intensity. Well, it is also very difficult to do pull-ups normally, especially if you are getting started, or you have a lot of weight or you have never pulled-up before. So in this case, normal pull-ups are enough to get sweat. But as soon as you progress you can do more reps and do more sets too. If you really want to increase the intensity then you can put a kettlebell or some dumbbell on your ankles, bind some sandbag weight on your chest or ankles, or wear a weighted vest. If it is a matter to increasing intensity then no exercise can equate to pull-up.

5. Build Several Group Muscles

benefits of pull ups 5

This exercise involves many muscle groups, including your biceps, forearms, triceps, shoulders, core and many others. It is beneficial for those who have a busy life but want to maintain or build muscles. Well, pull-ups are very difficult to do, but when you get used to it, you can easily take advantage of it.

6. Pull-ups Helps To Increase Your Stamina

Any type of physical activity increases your stamina, which makes your body more resistant to workouts. Whether it is swimming, running, or lifting weight in the gym. Stamina is necessary for any type of physical activity. It helps you to reach your health goals. And pull-ups are the best exercise to enhance your stamina. This exercise sounds easy to see, but it is not so easy to do. The whole weight of your body comes on your hands and when you clench yourself up and then you have a good amount of pressure on the upper body. It not only strengthens your muscles but also strengthens the heart. And healthy heart plays an important role to increase your stamina. And the healthy heart plays an important role in enhancing your stamina. Because a healthy heart paces your breathing and provides sufficient amounts of oxygen to the muscles.

7. Pull-ups Helps You To Achieve Your Fat Loss Goal

Most people do workouts to lose weight. Like many exercises, pull-ups will also help you lose weight. If you want to reduce the upper body fat then pull-ups will be very beneficial for you. Because this exercise puts emphasis on areas like chest, hands, shoulders, biceps, and triceps. If you want to burn calories more quickly, you can do more sets at a time or reduce the rest time between the set.

8. Pull-ups Help To Improve Mood

We all know that exercise improves mood, some pull-ups in the day can change the overall view of seeing your situation, and even it has a better effect on your work. And this improves your body posture and will feel better throughout the day. Good body posture makes you feel confident, which makes your impact good on others.

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