Beard Oil Recipe You Can Make At Home

Beard Oil Recipe You Can Make At Home

Are you fed up with those who see your beard with hatred?  Do you brush your beard or stop combing because you have broken hair or torn too many times? So it’s time to consider using beard oil. So why not use homemade beard oil recipe? It will not take more than a few minutes to make homemade beard oil. This precious oil will give your beard a healthy and strong appearance.

Benefits of making your own beard oil

The biggest advantage of Homemade Beard Oil Recipe is that you can make beard oil according to your taste by experimenting with all kinds of oil. It takes less than ten minutes to make homemade beard oil, and you can reuse the material for more than a year. Homemade oil is quite cheap compared to beard oil in the market.

Follow these simple grooming tips:

  • Always use beard oil after showering
  • Massage the oil on your beard hair to the skin
  • Spread the oil evenly from the tip of the hairs to the roots and skin.

Homemade beard oil recipe 

1. Soothing Beard Oil

beard oil recipe 1

This oil reduces the itching by nourishing the skin of your face, it inspires you to grow your beard. Because when the beard is grown, it is very itchy. With the mixture of Jojoba oil, sunflower seeds, apricot kernels, and argon, you get a beard oil that moisturizes and softens your beard. And If the oil is very thick, do not hesitate to reduce the amount of sunflower seed oil.


  • 10 ml of jojoba oil
  • 5 ml of sunflower seed oil
  • 5 ml of apricot kernel oil
  • 5 ml of argan oil
  • 5 to 10 drops of the essential oil of your choice

2. Homemade Beard Oil With Castor Oil

beard oil recipe 2

Castor oil is an essential ingredient for a good beard oil! It actually stimulates the growth of the hair of the beard, and it also makes them dense, strong and soft. However, this is never the main ingredient because it is sticky and thick, so it is better to have it included with other oils so that the fluid remains in liquid texture, hence the presence of the high amount of coconut oil is present here. And beard oil with castor oil is the ideal caring for actually keeping a beautiful beard!


  • 15 ml of coconut oil
  • 7 ml castor oil
  • 4 drops of avocado oil
  • 2 drops of rosemary essential oil

3. Beard Oil Recipe With Oriental Scent

Argan oil is known for its moisturizing and nutritious properties, it is especially recommended when the hair in the beard becomes dry or brittle, or when the beard begins to grow slightly and itching begins. Organic argan oil is very easy to find and it can easily be both natural and skin friendly.


  • 15 ml sweet almond oil
  • 7 ml of argan oil
  • 3 drops of cedarwood essential oil
  • 3 drops of essential oil of incense

4. Tropical Beard Oil

beard oil recipe 4

This tropical beard oil recipe is ideal to give you a fresh beard with a subtle scent, and it also helps to remove knots from your beard hair and gives you full control to adjust shape and style as you wish. And this tropical beard oil will provide you the aroma of all the time while you breathe.


  • Add 20 ml jojoba oil to a 30 ml bottle
  • Add 7 ml of grapeseed oil
  • Add 3 drops of sandalwood and 6 drops of bergamot to the bottle
  • Close the bottle and mix

5. Soothing and Relaxing Beard Oil

The beard is close to the nose so it is important to choose soothing material in your beard oil. Sandalwood oil can be a good choice for beard oil because it provides a very pleasant aroma that you and your loved ones will enjoy. You can also change sandalwood with spruce, cedar or rosemary.


  • Add 15 ml jojoba oil to a 30 ml bottle
  • Add 5 ml of sunflower oil, 5 ml of apricot kernel oil and 5 ml of argan oil
  • Add 5 drops of sandalwood oil
  • Close the bottle and shake vigorously

6. Beard Oil Recipe With Citrus 

With the essential oils of oranges and lemon, this beard oil is clearly fresh and fruity. If you love energetic aroma then this oil is perfect for you. And the almond oil and Jojoba oil in this beard oil helps to take care of your beard hair. Jojoba oil is very thick, so do not hesitate to mix well before each application.


  • 15 ml sweet almond oil
  • 7 ml of jojoba oil
  • 2/3 drops of orange essential oil
  • 2/3 drops of lemon essential oil

7. Homemade Beard Oil Recipe For Dandruff

Despite all efforts, sometimes you can suffer from dandruff in the beard. In order to eliminate this phenomenon of completely ruin the beard’s aesthetics, it is better to prioritize oil for very moisturizing and very nutritious beard oil to repair facial skin. For this reason, essential oils and perfumes are not used, but emu oil is most useful for taking care of dry, flaky skin.


  • 15 ml of emu oil
  • 7 ml sweet almond oil
  • 7 ml of jojoba oil

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